When was the last time you updated your LinkedIn?

Ahem….did you even fill it out? 


The easy peasy


Friend, it is time to step away from your fear and dive headfirst into the best career asset out there: LinkedIn.

This workshop is crafted from years of experience working with hundreds of clients, my own personal successes (and failures!), and the latest trends in the industry. I break it down, make it simple and give you a clear strategy to step up your LinkedIn game. 

I promise, by the end of this workshop, you are going to fall in LOVE with LinkedIn. Seriously.

If you aren’t active on LinkedIn, haven’t completed your profile or utilize it to network, you are missing out on a HOST of opportunities. 

This Easy Peasy LinkedIn Workshop includes:

Overview of the basics of LinkedIn (yes, most people need a refresher)

A clear, proven formula for compiling the best LinkedIn profile ever

A convincing argument for how LinkedIn will revolutionize the way you look at your career

Top secret networking ninja skills that can ONLY be done on LinkedIn

Examples of the ways people have used LinkedIn to land their dream jobs

Tips on how to NOT write like a professional robot

Template samples to cut down the time it takes you to build out your profile

The ultimate guide to the differences between a resume and a LinkedIn profile

How to creatively market yourself...so recruiters are running after YOU

Oh, and I’ll also teach you how to land a date via LinkedIn. (Jk, but that did happen to me.)

Be the first go-getter to get your hands on this workshop - the simplest solution to your LinkedIn troubles.

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