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Hi there, you ambitious gal, you. 

I'm Jena!

I’m here to tell you, friend...

It is possible to love going to work every day.

Now I want to Help You Do the SAme.

I went from working 100+ hours a week in a soul-sucking job to growing my career, finding work-life balance and pivoting to some pretty neat companies (Ahem, the NYSE and The Muse) before taking the entrepreneurial leap.

let's dive in!

6 ways to know it's

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Feeling stuck at work?

Frustrated that you have no idea what you want to do with your life

GET me unstuck!!

Exhausted of computer systems telling you you’re not qualified when you ARE qualified

A massive lack of career confidence

Paralyzed with what to do next in your job search

Overwhelmed with how the heck to use LinkedIn #overit

The Sunday Scaries come on STRONG

Defeated and mulling over, “Is this what I worked so hard for?”


Scared that making a career change would be either impossible...or career suicide


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"Since working with Jena, I’ve received 2 promotions and have increased my yearly income by almost 30k!"

"I can confidently say working with Jena was one of the best decisions I could have made for my career. Jena helped me revamp my resume and LinkedIn so that it reflected my more creative side. She also helped me prep for interviews and we discussed everything from possible questions and scenarios to interview outfits. I’ve noticed a difference in the way I approach interviews now and the confidence I have in portraying my strengths definitely comes across. In the past year since working with Jena, I’ve received 2 promotions and have increased my yearly income by almost 30k! Not only is Jena great at what she does, she’s a sweetheart. She’ll make you feel at ease discussing the things that you’re having trouble with and will help you fix these issues so employers can see the amazing candidate you are. I would recommend Jena to anyone looking to get some career coaching." - Karen

"I walked away with a confidence that I would not have had otherwise."

"When I began working with Jena I found myself frustrated with the whole career discovery process – I was sending resumes out, applying for jobs that remotely interested me, and writing letters that would be never be returned. Within just a few minutes with Jena, I knew I had made the right decision. She coached me through networking and making meaningful connections, something I truly didn’t understand until she provided me with tips, a template and action items for marketing myself to potential employers. She helped me reflect on my own career goals through great questioning, impeccable listening and helpful homework that allowed self-discovery of what I wanted out of my next step. In just 6 weeks, Jena helped me revamp my ‘brand’ and how I was selling myself on paper and in person. I walked away with a confidence that I would not have had otherwise. It truly was a transformational experience that set me on the path toward a more meaningful career. " - Tyler

"Choosing to invest in the 1:1 Coaching Program was the best decision I made this year!"

"I am forever grateful for the time I spent working with Jena! She helped me go from completely lost, without any direction to focused and confident. We transformed my resume and LinkedIn profiles to show my experience and expertise in a way that I never could have done on my own. Jena gave me the tools to define my ideal career and encouraged me to push through my comfort zone to explore all of the options available to me. She even helped me navigate the emotional side of leaving my previous position on good terms. Working with her helped me create a plan, and kept me accountable through out the process. Choosing to invest in the 1:1 Coaching Program was the best decision I made this year." - Charlotte

"Sessions with Jena are edifying."

"Sessions with Jena are edifying; I have always walked away with deeper insight and clearer strategies for job-hunting, résumé-building, and advantageous networking. Jena takes a holistic approach with each of her clients--deep-diving not only into their professional backgrounds and interests, but taking the time to understand the individual's unique strengths and weaknesses. It is this approach that enables Jena to tailor the strategies and facilitate her clients' path to success. She's also a very warm person, easy to approach, and instantly likable due to her authenticity. Highly recommend!"  - Minnie

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